Raw cow & goat milk, cheese and yogurt

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Questions and Answers

How long will raw goat milk last in the refrigerator?  Once it has been opened, if kept properly sealed and refrigerated it should last up to 5 days.   Make sure your refrigerator is operating at 40 - 42 degrees.  

At what temperature do you keep your milk?  My milk is kept in a separate refrigerator that I keep at 32 degrees.  It will not freeze at this temperature.

Is raw milk safe to drink?  Most definitely!  Raw milk has all the God made calcium, vitamins and minerals still in the milk!  Pasteurized milk has man-made calcium, vitamins and minerals added to the milk that were taken out during the pasteurization process.  I would rather have the natural stuff, wouldn't you?  

Won't goat milk taste goaty?  No, not if it has been properly handled.  This means filtering and refrigerating the milk immediately.  Also putting it in pre- sterilized glass jars keeps it fresh and tasty.

 Why do you use glass jars instead of unbreakable plastic?  You can reuse glass jars over and over again.  You can sterilize glass jars, so that the milk will stay fresh.  You cannot safely sterilize plastic containers as their surface is very porous.  You can never use the same plastic container twice for milk as bacteria left on the the porous plastic will spoil the fresh milk.  Also the plastic can leach into the milk.   

Can the milk be frozen?  Yes, goat milk freezes excellently up to 2 to 3 months without change in texture.  After 3 months, it will separate when it thaws.  

Can the milk be frozen in the glass jars?  Yes, provided you allow enough head space for expansion.  I tell my customers to pour it off down to the bottom of the shoulders, (a minimum of 2 inches and no more than 3 inches below the rim).  

What other things can the milk be frozen in?  Plastic ziploc bags can also be used, but they leak at the seams as the milk thaws and if they are punctured while they are in the freezer, the milk develops a freezer burn taste.  Empty plastic juice and water containers will work just fine, as long as you only use it once to freeze milk in.  They should be tossed after that.  






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